Atal Tinkering Labs

Vio Robotics is a division of Vio AV Systems India Pvt Ltd. We offer ATAL TINKERING LAB (ATL) setup and maintenance of the lab along with furniture and audio visuals as per the ATL terms and conditions.

We are exclusively partnered with “Avishkaar”. Founded in 2010, Avishkaar was created with a vision to create Makers & Innovators in India. Our Learning Programs and range of products in Educational Robotics aim to make STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) concepts a fun-filled and engaging learning experience. Our programs are currently running in more than 1000+ schools and centres across India, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Along with our partner, Vio Robotics, we have set up 700+ ATLs across 26 states over the past three years making us the largest in this segment.

Why US?

Being the leaders in this domain, we not only provide the best material but also the best support, curriculum and training infrastructure. Talk to any of our existing clients and they will tell you why we are the best!

Our offering for a Tinkering Lab focuses on creating an environment that promotes the participants to dream, the equipment which allows them to tinker, the curriculum that enables them to structure their thinking and a challenging environment that enables young innovators to test themselves.

Benefits Offered by Avishkaar / Vio Robotics

  • On-site training
  • Access to the annual Avishkaar Residential Training (ART) for ATL coordinators
  • Avishkaar Makeathon - India's Biggest STEAM competition
  • IRC League - Asia's Biggest Robotics competition
  • Complete curriculum and manuals

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